eBook- Coherence by Dr. Carlos Orozco (English Version)

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Coherence is the flow of information from the intention to the purpose and from the purpose to the significance. In other words, every WHAT (Intention) has a WHAT FOR (purpose) and a WHY /significance, that leads to Congruency.

Coherence is enforced with thruthfulness, honesty, transparency, integrity and it is weakened and blocked by betrayal, lies, mis representation and toxic relationships at a physical, emotional, personal and spiritual levels.

The intention, purpose and significance are of eletromagnetic nature, the resulting coherence and congruency allows for the collapse of the electromagnetic wave function giving way to the formation of vortices via the generation of gratational waves followed by scalar waves.

This is possible because of the angular momentum generated by spinning energy.


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DR carlos Orozco coerencia mexico mahatama COHERENCE BOOK

Dr. Carlos Orozco

Carlos Orozco was born on July 10, 1958 in Mexico.

Scientist in love with life and the mystery that inhabits it. He sees in science a strong ally to provide human beings with the quality of life that we all have direct. He believes that love can and is deeply touched by art in its most varied facets.
He plays the piano, and is a sports lover, especially swimming.

His boyish smile is a hallmark of this man who spends his life traveling, carrying with him knowledge and love, shared with more and more people in the four corners of the world, so that they enjoy more health and find, through of the purpose and meaning that assist life, the means of transforming each dream into its destiny.



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