Ophidia’s Myth by Élia Gonçalves

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Like snakes, women change their skin. This happens whenever there is a crisis, a deep pain, a need to change or grow. In those moments, when the known and the safe are no longer there to protect us, we have to look for a cave where we can crawl and wait for the new skin to appear.

Already available in physical version, this work is now in digital english version (eBook).


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Élia Gonçalves

Élia Gonçalves was born in Olhão in 1975 and grew up barefooted, by the sea on Faro Island. She is a psychologist and pedagogical coordinator of EDT – Transpersonal Development School.

With several years of training and research on mythology, Jungian psychology and the feminine, the areas she is passionate about, she facilitates therapeutic circles for women, with archetypes, symbol and metaphor as a basis. She is a private practitioner and a storyteller.



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